Private Investigation Groups or Organizations

Check with Private Investigation Groups or Organizations

There are a number of private investigators’ groups or associations that require adherence to a code of ethics that address many of the areas where an investigator might do something improper. Ask if your investigator belongs to such an organization, and whether you can see a copy of his or her code of ethics. Areas to look for include, but are certainly not limited to:

– Conducting investigations in a moral and legal manner
– Reporting all findings, and not knowingly making false statements of fact
– Not engaging in dishonest, fraudulent, deceitful activities or making misrepresentations
– Verification of all facts, documentation, etc, especially when that information could lead to an arrest
– Fair fees
– Conflict of interest resolution

Private investigation has been an industry in the United States for nearly two hundred years, about half of which has been regulated. During that time, some people have found ways to cheat and take advantage of clients who need the help of a private detective. However, for the most part, private detectives are intelligent, hard-working people who adhere to both their sense of professional and personal integrity. By asking a few questions and not trying to cut corners by using cheaper, unlicensed investigators, potential clients can rest assured their experience hiring a private detective will be a positive one.

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Investigation Groups