Use P.I Info

Ensuring protection against identity theft
To help ensure protection against identity theft minimize exposure of your credit card numbers and social security number to businesses and other agencies. If a business asks you for your credit card number and you know they already have it, refuse to give it to them again. Be sure to shred and properly dispose of all your credit and debit card receipts before tossing them in the trash. Today the law requires that only the last four digits of your card numbers be printed on receipts. If a company prints more than the last four digits on a receipt, question them about their practices and report them to the police.

identity theft

Another tool of the private investigator
Vehicle-tracking equipment is another great tool the private investigator uses. One component of the system is attached magnetically to the vehicle of the person being investigated, and this motion-activated component sends information back to the investigator through high-tech satellite and Internet technology. Private eye investigators download the information and generate reports, including maps of the vehicle’s travels. Some of these tracking devices are small enough to fit in the palm of the hand.

Buying the right drug screening tests
Choosing the right drug tests to buy can be tricky. Drugs vary in their chemical composition and type. For example, if you use a test for narcotics and the person is taking a barbiturate, the drug will not show up. You may need to use more than one type of test to obtain accurate results.

When to conduct background checks
Some companies only think of conducting a background check on an employee when they notice a problem. Sometimes it is hard to pinpoint the cause of a problem and a background check must be run on several employees, some of whom may have been with the company for a long time. When a background check comes up negative, the person requesting the check can relax; it is a great comfort to know for sure. Doubt and suspicion can by themselves be damaging to a business.