Popular Private detectives on Mainstream

On a more current level, the television show Monk, which debuted in 2002, and is still going strong in its fourth season, is about an obsessive compulsive private detective named Adrian Monk. Monk is called in when the local police can not crack a case, even though he is seen as eccentric with his obsessive compulsive behavior, which was brought on by a nervous breakdown after the murder of his wife.

Private detectives have taken a slight spin off course in the early 21st century with shows like House M.D popping up. Dr. House is a medical genius who heads a team of young diagnosticians at a fictional teaching hospital. House, instead of solving criminal cases solves unusual medical cases.

There are many more popular and famous private detectives that have dominated books, television and movies over the last five decades, including Mike Hammer, Angela Fletcher of Murder She Wrote, Magnum P.I., Quincy, and Dr. Mark Sloan of Diagnosis Murder to to name a few. Private detectives have certainly evolved over the last 120 years, but nonetheless, they remain a popular genre, with audiences screaming for more mysteries, more sleuths, more private detectives with an ever-changing fa├žade of storylines, plots and character types.

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