Tools Of The Trade

Tools Of The Trade

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Tools of the Private Investigator
Modern private investigators have a wide variety of tools available to them. Without these tools, performing a successful investigation is difficult, if not impossible.

With private investigation tools available through both mail order and online catalogues, these tools are relatively easy to acquire. Furthermore, the cost of many of these tools is fairly inexpensive.

Tools that should be in every private investigator’s tool belt include communication equipment, video cameras, scrambling devices, recorders, binoculars, night vision equipment, transmitters, and counter-surveillance systems.

Counter-Surveillance Systems
Counter-surveillance systems are tools that detect bugs, wiretaps, and hidden video equipment. Counter-surveillance systems come in many covert forms. For example, one piece of counter-surveillance equipment that is currently available comes in the form of a working pen. This pen is capable of detecting surveillance equipment up to 10 feet away. In addition, the pen is a functioning ballpoint pen and PDA stylus for devices with a touch screen.

Other counter-surveillance systems include special flexible viewers that can be snaked under and through things, including drains and outlet covering, and allow the private investigator to see in dark areas. This equipment allows for a thorough search of any area, for bugs, taps, or even for evidence.

Recording Equipment

Private investigators also need recording equipment. This equipment can be used to simply record notes and interviews. But, it can also be used in a covert fashion to gain information. Recording equipment in the form of functioning pens is also available. Some of these pens are capable of recording for up to 8 hours, and can be broken down into smaller pieces for an even more inconspicuous recorder.

Recorders in the form of wristwatches are also available to private investigators. Some models of wristwatch records can record for up to 9 hours. Some are even capable of downloading MP3 music files. The taped recordings can be listened to immediately by plugging in earphones, or they can be downloaded later onto a computer.

Some recording equipment is also capable of picking up sound from very far away. For example, microphones disguised as pagers can pick up sound from as far as 50 feet away. Other microphones disguised as pens can pick up sound 300 yards away.

Still other listening devices, such as shotgun microphones, can be used to listen and record conversations taking place inside a building while the private investigator sits inside his car. These devices are good to use in cases where getting close to the subject is not possible.

Cameras are also important tools in the private investigator’s tool belt. Cameras can be used to make quick copies of documents or to take photographs of someone under surveillance. Again, the pen is a popular choice for hiding small digital cameras. Many of these fully functioning pens are capable of taking up to 36 digital color photos, which can later be downloaded to a computer. Digital cameras also come in the form of Zippo lighters and cigarette cases.

Video Recorders
Video recorders help a private investigator with surveillance, which sometimes must be performed undercover. For this reason, small, lightweight video recorders – the size of a pack of cigarettes – are available to private investigators.

Powerful video recorders capable of zooming in from far distances are also important for a private investigator. As with shotgun microphones, powerful video recorders can be used from inside a car are from across the street in another building to record surveillance material.

Scrambling Devices
Scrambling devices help protect a private investigator from eavesdropping. The best type of scrambling devices will scramble the conversation from both ends of the call. Many scrambling devices are available for both landline and cell phone use.

Voice scramblers are another form of scrambling device that is helpful to the private investigator. These tools allow the private investigator to disguise his voice when talking on a landline or on a cell phone.

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