Rear Vision Sunglasses, Disappearing Ink, and Other Fun Gadgets

Rear Vision Sunglasses

Other great gadgets for private investigators are rear vision sunglasses. These sunglasses look and function as normal sunglasses, but they allow the private investigator to see behind him, as well.

Fake, magnetic bullet holes are also available for placement on cars. This helps the private investigator maintain an air of authenticity when working undercover. Several lie detectors, including small hand held devices, are also available to the private investigator in covert operations.

In addition, pens with disappearing ink allow the private investigator to record private information, which will disappear without a trace within 48 hours. Paper that self-destructs is also available. This paper looks ordinary, but takes only seconds to dissolve when it comes in contact with liquid, even saliva.

Powders are even available that can be placed on envelopes. This powder makes opaque envelopes translucent for approximately 30 seconds, then the paper returns to its normal color. This allows the private investigator to get a peak at what is inside the envelope without having to open it.

Other useful powders include thief detection powder. This powder can be sprinkled on items that a suspected thief is likely to steal. It is not visible on the object, but it is visible on the hand of the thief. Similar powders are also available that only become detectable on the thief’s hands after being exposed to ultraviolet light. Both of these powders leave behind undeniable evidence as to who took the object.

With the many tools available, it is little wonder so many people are fascinated by the field of private investigation.