Tips to Help You Determine If Your Spouse or Partner is Cheating

Partner is Cheating

If someone were to attack your lover, would you stop him? Would you defend your spouse and yourself against an attack on your relationship?

A cheating lover breaking a promise to be faithful is attacking your relationship. If you suspect this is occurring, you owe it to your love to step up in defense of your relationship, otherwise you’ll never be able to trust your mate again. You won’t fully realize you’ve been a sap until your partner walks out the door, gone forever.

If you suspect that your mate is cheating, keep your head above all and start collecting evidence. Whatever else you do, don’t let your partner know of your suspicions until you have good, solid facts to back them up. Backed into a corner, a cheating lover often finds an excuse to leave the relationship precipitously. By keeping your suspicions to yourself, if you were wrong, you will have saved a faithful lover from ever knowing you were suspicious.

You can catch a cheating lover by following these tried and true ways:

The single biggest clue is a sudden change in behavior that continues sporadically. An example is a change in work routine, such as suddenly staying late at the office, or taking long lunch breaks. Call him to see if he’s really there, or drop in on him to bring some cookies or a present as an excuse.

Suddenly becoming critical and picking on you is another clue. Does she go out of her way to find fault with you? If she does, she may be building a case to leave the relationship. If she creates a fight with you and leaves the house in a huff, and stays away for hours, she may be trying to justify leaving for good.

Does he take more interest in his appearance? Is he suddenly concerned about his looks? Is he dressing better and being more careful with his grooming? Has he changed his style of dress from conservative to bohemian or vice versa? If so, it’s time to keep your eyes open.

Does she suddenly get a lot of cell phone calls that she leaves your presence to answer? It could be the other man.

Has he suddenly taken an interest in going out with male friends when before he was content to stretch out on the couch and watch sports? Or does he say he’s going to meetings and conferences? Casually ask him for specific directions about where he’s going, and after he leaves, go there to check it out. However, lay low in the shadows just in case he’s telling the truth.

Have you noticed an abrupt, negative, and ongoing change in your sex life? Is he uninterested in you physically? Do you find his excuses illogical? Does he seem to daydream more and not hear what you have to say? Does he brush off your concerns? If so, it’s red-flag time.

Today there are many high-tech gadgets and methods available for catching an adulterer. It’s possible to track every keystroke on a computer, every call on a cell phone, and even the travels of a vehicle without leaving a trace. You can install spy cams and vehicle tracking devices or hire a private investigator to do all the work for you.

A monogamous relationship involves a serious commitment. Accusing a spouse of adultery is a serious charge. When you don’t have proof, keep an open mind, emotional balance, and your integrity. Stay as neutral as you can until you know for sure. If worse comes to worse, fight back for your relationship in a smart way.