Types of P.I. Investigations

Types of P.I. Investigations

There are many types of private detectives out there that serve a wide variety of needs for a wide variety of people. There are many uses for private detectives which include:

Becoming a Private Investigator
A private investigator may work for a licensed private investigations company or form his or her own licensed company.

Before a person can work as a private investigator, he must first meet the licensing requirements of his state. Each state has different licensing requirements regarding background, training, and experience. Requirements may include attending a state-approved training course, other pre-licensing education, exams, a specified number of years of work experience, and a professional liability insurance policy with coverage for errors and omissions. In addition, some cities require that state-licensed private investigators register with the city or obtain a municipal license as well.

If you want to be a private investigator, training specific to private investigation is the single most important investment you can make in yourself! Owners of established agencies get resumes all the time; the first thing they look at is training. Don’t expect a private investigations company to invest in you before you invest in yourself. Since most new PIs don’t have the business skills and knowledge to start their own company, they seek employment with an established company first. You can be at the top of the list of candidates by first obtaining training.

On the other hand, you may want to start your own company. What if you don’t have the minimum experience required by your state to obtain your own company license? Fortunately, every state that requires experience also offers a program to enable new investigators to obtain their own business license. For example, in Texas new investigators must work for an established company until they have the required number of hours to apply for their own license. The State of Florida provides internship licenses. The requirements are a little different in every state. You’ll have to find out what the specific requirements are for your state.

Your background and employment-related experience may also count towards your application requirements for a license. Loss prevention agents, accountants, security guards, teachers, firemen, bail bondsmen, alarm installers, and even a librarian have been known to use their previous employment experiences in applying for their agency license.

Professional and Video
Professional Surveillance:

To check a person out, there whereabouts, what they are doing, where they are doing it and who they are doing it with. Details about someone’s private life can be identified with a private detective.

Video Testimony:

Video testimony of difficult witnesses can be obtained by a private detective. If a legal case is in need of a testimony from a witness who is not be cooperative, a private detective can locate the witness and get a video testimony from them to be used in court.

Computerized Research and Debugging Services
Computerized Research Channels:

Through the new, modern age of computers, a lot of information about people is available on computers and the Internet. Private detectives make use of this new technology to find information on a person that is stored on computers and on the Internet. A dossier of their lives can be compiled through computerized research.

Debugging Services:

Think you have a bug in your home? Not an insect bug, but a surveillance bug that is recorded voice and/or video? A private detective can offer debugging services to search your home for bugs that are recording your daily lives.

Process Servers and Surveillance Photography
Process Service:

Do you have a legal document that needs to be served on someone, and you just don’t know who or where to turn to? Can’t find the person you need to serve a legal document to? A private detective can provide a process service to serve elusive people their legal documents, quickly and efficiently.

Surveillance Photography:

High powered cameras are used by private detectives to take photographs from long distances. Do you think your spouse is cheating? Do you think that your employee has faked an injury to place a claim? Surveillance photography can provide you with photographic proof that can be used in court, to prove someone is unfaithful or lying.

Pre-employment and Background Checks, Manned and Unmanned Surveillance
Pre-employment Screening and Background Checks:

Are you tired of hiring employees who have lied on their applications only to find out that they are thieves? A private detective can do a background check on your potential employees to make sure they are on the up and up. Pre-employment screening can save you a lot of time and money by hiring the right employee the first time, every time.

Manned Surveillance:

A private detective, much like in the movies, tails his or her subject and finds out information on the who, what, where, when and why of their private lives.

Unmanned Surveillance:

Private detectives use a variety of tools to incorporate unmanned surveillance, including bugs to record voice, small video recorders to record visual and sound, and a variety of other methods that do not require a private investigator to physically follow their mark.

Aerial Photography and Surveillance and Counter Surveillance
Aerial Photography and Surveillance:

Did I hear a helicopter? While it may sound ‘out there, photos taken from the air can provide good information to a private detective about his mark, and leaves him or her more undercover than ever. Surveillance can be done in the air as well, providing a bird’s eye view of his or her mark’s life.

Counter Surveillance:

Do you think you are being followed? Do you think a private detective is hot on your tail? You can hire a private detective to find out if someone is watching you. Put your mind at ease and find out if someone has hired a private detective to find out what you are doing.

Loss Prevention and Accident Reconstruction
Personal, Commercial and Industrial Loss Prevention:

You can hire a private detective to ensure that your home or place of business is not being stolen from. If you suspect theft, a private detective can ensure loss prevention by catching thieves red handed.

Accident and Collision Reconstruction:

If you have been in a car collision and you need to prove you were not at fault, or to prove that the other party was at fault, a private detective can reconstruct the collision to prove to a court that you were not at fault in the collision. Many people utilize this service of private investigators so their insurance companies can not deny their claims for collision repairs on their vehicles.

Asset Evaluation and Witness Location
Asset Evaluation:

Is the father of your child a dead-beat dad who denies having enough money or assets to provide you with child support? Is a customer skirting paying their bill because they claim they can’t afford it? A private detective can provide asset evaluation to prove how much money your child’s dead-beat dad really has and that he really can afford to be paying you child support.

Witness Location:

Has a witness in your legal case suddenly gone missing? A private detective can locate your witness for you so that you can serve him/her with the legal documents necessary to subpoena them to court to testify as a witness in your trial.

There are many types of legal cases and situations in which private detectives are called on to act. These include divorce and child custody cases, missing persons and locator services, insurance claims, workers compensation claims, personal, commercial and theft investigations, all types of accident investigations, criminal investigations and trials, wrongful death suits, fire investigations, surrogate investigations, bad faith investigations, emotional injury, employee dishonesty claims, all types of fraud and fraudulent activity and sexual harassment investigations.